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PGI Piedmont hazelnuts

Hazelnut production since 1958

The Royal Taste of the Langhe

PGI Piedmont hazelnuts are considered the best hazelnuts in the world for their excellent characteristics. They are a great protagonists of the Langhe, an area rich in charm and flavors known all around the world.

"On the 19/09/2019 the Piedmont Hazelnut Protection Consortium achieved another important result: the definitive and official introduction of the name 'Langhe' for the hazelnuts grown in the Langhe area".

We cultivate about 10 hectares of our land with Piedmont hazelnuts, all certified PGI (Protected Geographical Indication).

For drying our hazelnuts immediately after the harvest, we do not use any mechanical dryer: we use the natural help of the sun by doing the 'old school' drying in the courtyard.

All of our processes and transformations, starting from the shelling and roasting of the hazelnuts up to the labeling of our biscuits, are based on the orders we receive, so to guarantee the most absolute freshness on the market.

In addition to being our work and our passion, our goal is to enhance and spread a unique product that is unanimously considered the best in the world.

We only use raw materials of the highest quality, certified and controlled. All of our products are free from thickeners, dyes and/or food preservatives. This is order to keep their genuine and home-made taste, which is one of the main values of our Company.

About 70% of the energy we use for our entire production comes from renewable sources.

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