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Family farm since 1958

Nocciole Sacco

We are a family run business since 1958, we made the PGI Piedmont Hazelnut farming our main focus here in the Langhe hills, where we live.
It all started with the passion and dedication of Grandfather Luigi who, working the land, handed down the tradition to his son Piercarlo, now the owner of the Company.

Since 2009, Piercarlo and his wife Elena have decided to undertake a more complex work activity: the Company is now dealing with the complete production process of the hazelnuts, from the plant sowing to the end product.

This process involves the whole family as a team:

Piercarlo and his son-in-law Denis mainly take care of the plants, therefore of all of the work outside, on our beautiful land.
Elena, Piercarlo's wife, takes care of all of the recipes, working in the laboratories to create amazing products. Thanks to the care and love she puts into the recipes, our products are so good!
Luisa e Alessia, daughters of Piercarlo and Elena, work in the laboratories. Alessia deals with public relations, guided tours, events and corporate accounting, too. Luisa is the most creative mind of the group, passionate about photography, she also works on graphic design and packaging.


Our land


We feel deeply rooted in the tradition and in the genuineness of the products we make. We work respecting the environment, following our traditions, but with a keen eye as well towards new methodologies and technologies. About 70% of the energy we use for our entire production comes from renewable sources (solar panels).

Our Company consists of about 7 hectares of vineyards cultivated with Asti Moscato grapes and about 10 hectares cultivated with Piedmont hazelnuts, all certified PGI (Protected Geographical Indication).

In particular, for drying our hazelnuts immediately after the harvest, we do not use any mechanical dryer: we use the natural help of the sun by doing the 'old school' drying in the courtyard.

All of our processes and transformations, starting from the shelling and roasting of the hazelnuts up to the labeling of our biscuits, are based on the orders we receive, so to guarantee the most absolute freshness on the market.

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