In addition to being our work and our passion, our goal is to enhance and spread a unique product that is unanimously considered the best in the world.

PGI Piedmont hazelnuts

Hazelnut production since 1958

The rounded shape of the fruit favors a fast mechanical shelling, keeping the seed intact.

High yielding of the shelled product thanks to the thin shell, from 46 to 50%.

The thin film that surrounds the seed (perisperm) is easily removed after the roasting.

The seed has a good aroma and delicate flavor.

The limited fat content helps to maintain a good shelf life, without risk of rancidity.

We only use raw materials of the highest quality, certified and controlled. All of our products are free from thickeners, dyes and/or food preservatives. This is order to keep their genuine and home-made taste, which is one of the main values of our Company.


Roasted, shelled or in shell PGI Piedmont hazelnuts 

Suitable for all preparations, available in different pack sizes. Contact us for more information and advice about the variety that best suits your needs.

Praline Hazelnuts

Try them as a fantastic snack or as an excellent aperitif

Irresistible PGI Piedmont hazelnuts, roasted and covered with cocoa and sugar. Pack size: 100gr.

Hazelnut Flour & Grains

For recipes with an unforgettable flavor

Hazelnut flour and grains for sweet and savory recipes. Available in different pack sizes: 250g - 500g - 1kg - 2,5kg - 5kg.


Artisan biscuits typical of the Piedmontese tradition

Hazelnut biscuits, with very few ingredients: try the 'Un sacco di Baci' and the 'Brut ma Bun'. Delight and comfort in practical 150/200g bags.


'The' Hazelnut Cake you must absolutely try!

Baked with 50% PGI Piedmont hazelnuts, eggs, sugar and a few drops of chocolate. Box size: 300gr.

Hazelnut paste

Made only with PGI Piedmont hazelnuts

Mainly used in the production of ice-cream, it is also widely used in pastry-shops, as a filling for cakes and puffs, or in savory recipes.

Spreadable creams

Born out of Elena's inspiration and imagination

Delicious spreadable creams made with PGI Piedmont hazelnuts. Try the original version, the white spread and the one with hazelnut grains.

Ice Cream & Pastry Shops

PGI Piedmont hazelnuts farmed in the Langhe area

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