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Piedmont PGI hazelnuts farmed in the Langhe area

Piedmont PGI hazelnuts production and supply

The hazelnut is very good for multiple uses, it's excellent in sweet recipes but it's also great in the savory ones.
We sell roasted hazelnuts and can provide various calibrations. We usually serve our customers with a calibration of no less than 14 mm in diameter, upon request it is possible to purchase lower calibrations as well.


We sell roasted hazelnuts of two different kinds:

Premium quality hazelnuts

Roasted hazelnuts, perfectly clean without external skin.

High quality hazelnuts

Roasted hazelnuts that externally have some skin residues, which do not in any way alter the aroma and taste of the hazelnuts.


We also sell flour and hazelnut grains, mainly used for the decoration of cakes, pastries, toppings for ice cream and yoghurt:

Premium quality flour and hazelnut grains 

Made with premium quality roasted hazelnuts.

High quality flour and hazelnut grains

Made with high quality roasted hazelnuts.

100% pure hazelnut paste

It is very liquid as the fruit is composed by 58-63% oil, for this reason it does not require the addition of any other oil. Mainly used for the preparation of ice creams, it is also excellent to be used in desserts, biscuits, coffee, as well as in savory recipes such as sauces for roasted meats and salad dressings.


We produce a hazelnut paste of two different kinds:

High quality hazelnut paste

Made with high quality hazelnuts. The little dots are due to the presence of some hazelnut skins.

Premium quality hazelnut paste 

Obtained from the sieving of high quality hazelnut paste. Fine and delicate, it does not present dots.

PGI Piedmont hazelnuts

Hazelnut production since 1958

The rounded shape of the fruit favors a fast mechanical shelling, keeping the seed intact.

High yielding of the shelled product thanks to the thin shell, from 46 to 50%.

The thin film that surrounds the seed (perisperm) is easily removed after the roasting.

The seed has a good aroma and delicate flavor.

The limited fat content helps to maintain a good shelf life, without risk of rancidity.

We only use raw materials of the highest quality, certified and controlled. All of our products are free from thickeners, dyes and/or food preservatives. This is order to keep their genuine and home-made taste, which is one of the main values of our Company.

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